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A Silly Guide

Hey ppl!! I know there are millions of guide abt this game!! But jus wanted to share mine!! Took 5 hrs for writin this guide!! lol!! Hope u dont mind!!


1)Always aim for the head.

2)Keep ur mouse sensitivity high atleast 7.0

3)Learn to recognise ur opponents

4)Be alert. Think that ur really havin a gun in ur hand and everything is real.

5)Always use Smoke Grenades. They r not harmful at all unlike Flash Bang which blinds eyes and HE Grenade which blows up.

6)Never play in tension. Be cool at the same time alert. Ur not gonna get prize or medal for playin well.

7)Always shoot ur friend at the head at the beginning of the game. This brings luck (OPTIONAL).

8)Always go only for Kevlar(B 4 1 for 650$) instead of Kevlar + Helmet(B 4 2 for 1100$).

9)Always be on the move. Standing at one place will only give opportunity for the SNIPERS. Jump a lot.

10)Always CROUCH down and shoot. Improves accuracy.

11)Always employ GUERRILA WARFARE.

12)If ur are a CT never forget the 200$ Defusal KIT.

13)Always choose the gun which ur compatible with. It may be even a useless gun like Schimd scout.

14)Always know ur map.

15)Never reload until u have only 5 or 7 BULLETS left. Frequent reloading will land u in trouble.

16)That doesnt mean u do not reload at all. Keep watching ur BULLETS.

17)Always buy the B 1 2 PISTOL if u r a TERRORIST. If ur a CT buy the B 1 5 PISTOL.

18)If ur playing a map which has a lot of long distance areas always use a sniper.

19)Always stick with the team. It increases ur SURVIVAL chances.

20)Always cover the foll ppl : VIP, Bomber, Hostages, SNIPERS, or A person who is not as skilled as u.

21)If all the persons in ur team are using snipers, go for a diff gun. Likewise go for a SNIPER if all others use rifles.

22)If u start playin quite well, buy all grenades : 2 FLASH BANGS, 1 HE and 1 SMOKE. Use ur grenades wisely.

23)Always use flash to get out of "There is too many" situations or at the start to blind all in a grp and shoot 1 of em.

24)Always use HE only whr there is a BUNCH of enemy's. Throwin at a frnd will only land u in trouble.

25)Never Cheat. I mean u cannot cheat.

26)When ur a CT always go and sit at one of the bomb sites. So whn the bomb is planted u know whr the bomb is.

30)Always use RADIO Commands like Z 5 = Follow me or Z 6 = Takin fire need assis or C 3 - Need backup.

31)Steps to plant a bomb : go to a bomb site, whn the bomb sign flashes, select the bomb and keep the left click pressed.

32)Steps to defuse a bomb: Spot the bomb. a small object with red flashes and see the bomb and keep E pressed till it defuses.

33)Never attack a group. If u find a huge grp of enemy immediately retreat and report pressing C 3 or Z 5.

34)Sometimes u must roam alone to get reports of enemy or to distract them. Do the job stealthily and keep reporting.

35)If u r the bomber tell ur frnds to cover u and stay behind and u inturn cover them.

36)Always have a GREAT CO ORDINATION WITH frnds.

37)As a beginner always start in easy mode.

38)When u r able to shoot atleast 3 ppl per round and r able to score above 100, immediately switch to EXPERT mode.

39)Playin in expert mode will improve ur skills like HELL!!


41)Oh! One more thing, The above principle applies to life too.


While i was tired typing i know u will be double tired reading.


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