Monday, July 31, 2006

Awp versus Scout

Well here is the question...which do u guyz think is better???? the magnum or the scout????well on hearin this question i know that the immmediate answer will be "mag roxx" but sumhow i feel that scout is better...before me makin myself clear about this lets discuss abt the pros and cons of both the guns


Advantage of the MAGNUM:

(1) one shot one kill....the mag will kill an object with just a single shot irrespective of whether it is a headshot or not and irrespetive of whether it is a dinosaur or a human who is the victim.

Advantages of the Scout:

(1)The cost...the magnum is bloody hell expensive n unless and other wise u hv the magnum wid u fer atleast 3 rounds at a stretch with out dying and getting atleast 2 frags a round will u be able to earn bac ur money.

(2)The weight...the scout isnt as heavy as the mag...which means that the person wid a mag will alwayz be able to run faster than one wid a mag...i know that it is possible to run wid a knife but supposed u r suddenly put under combat action then u will hv to suffer a lot.

(3)The sound...The mag is bloody hell loud like a buffalo thumping down in the middle of wall st. this means that when u r camping in a big map n u miss a shot with a mag u will easily b noticed which will not happen in the place of the mag.

(4)A deadly tool to carefull when u choose to buy a mag n supposing u get killer and the opponent picks it up then it will be a very great danger fer u in the next round....n in the case of the scout...not much of them will like to use it n thus will be ignored.

Thus all i wud like to say is that i personally feel that the scout is anytime better than the mag but wudnt resist droppin my scout fer a mag lying on the long gamers...i know this wud hv a lot of critics n i wud like to hear them out...


School Days

During college days we used to arrange LANs with our own systems, an empty apartment, tables, chairs, 16-port hub, cables and got unlimited food from our friend's mom. Yeah we had full support of our parents.

With such convenience we played non-stop for four days. We slept mostly from 5am to 11am, freshen up and go back to gaming.

Like this we hosted 3 4-day LANs on Mar 11th, Apr 11th and May 11th during our final yr college.

Games we played were CS (1.5 in 1st & 3rd Lan, CZ in 2nd LAN), UT2003, Q3 Arena. When we are half asleep we played NFS-UG2. Nothing like the blur effect in your eyes adding to the blur effect in the game...

I think max we played 10 hrs of CS on an average. Rest of time mix of other games.

But when I am home during holidays after college I played atleast

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Plus Points Of Schmidt Scout

Most people dont follow this routine when they play CS. Instead, they often go for the $4700 AWP. Those who press 4, then 6 are blind to the power of the Scout. I'll list some reasons why the Scout is a considerable choice as a weapon.

» Cost - You can get it at under 3000 bucks, and sometimes within the second round of the game. Bullets are cheaper compared to the AWP bullets, which cost $125.

» Mobility - You can run fast with it. Ever hold an AWP while running? You move like a slug, and your accuracy decreases as well. With the Scout, you run much faster and it?s still pretty accurate at medium range.

» Power - The Scout isn?t a one-hit kill like the AWP, but it does nail someone down within two shots. Suppose each shot takes 50. A tactic that would be useful is temporary camping. This may sound bad, but camp until half of your team and half of the other team is dead. Usually around this time, most of the enemies have 60 - 40 health left. What does this mean? This means the scout is like an AWP now. One shot kill. And you save money!

» Accuracy - The Scout isnt that accurate, but its not that inaccurate either. Its effective on maps where you can snipe the enemy, but not using the zoom feature. Zooming with the Scout isnt much of an advantage, since it doesn't kill in one hit, and it simply wastes time. I never zoom with it. You might miss, but since the scout reloads fast, you can quickly get another shot.

Cheats For Cheaters....

Cheat: Adjust Gravity
During gameplay access your console (default key is the ~ button). Now enter sv_gravity and a number between (-999-999999)Note: This code can only be entered fron the host server.

Cheat: Auto-Reload
This code must also be entered from the Host Computer. Hit the ~ (by default).Enter: +reloadThis codes works, but it's slightly annoying. After every shot you will reload. If you get sick of it, enter this code:-reloadThis will disable auto-reload.

Cheat: Set the C4 Timer
This code must also be entered from the Host Computer. Hit the ~ (by default). Enter: Mp_c4timer (enter a # between –1000 and 1000) –1000 will be a very short timer, and 1000 is a long timer.

Cheat: Faster Movement
These codes must be entered from the Host Computer. Hit the ~ (by default) to access the game console.
Fast forward: cl_forwardspeed (enter # between 0 and 999)
Fast backward: cl_backwardspeed (enter # between 0 and 999)
Fast strafe: cl_sidespeed (enter # between 0 and 999)

Cheat: Level Select
This code must also be entered from the Host Computer. Hit the ~ (by default). Enter: Changelevel (map name)

Cheat: Client trace
On the host comp, enter: sv_clienttrace 999999999.Every shot will surely hit. The default is 1

Cheat List
Access the console by pressing "`"
Enables cheats: sv_cheats 1
Bots only buy snipers: bot_sniper_only
Bots only use knives: bot_knives_only 1
All Deleted Scenes: cl_levellocks 16382
Enemies don’t see you: notarget
Go through walls: noclip
Invincibility: god
Kills all bots: bot_kill
Make bot go to specific locations: bot_goto_mark
Bots don’t move: bot_zombie 1
Set the bot´s difficulty level: bot_difficulty
Bots will only buy pistols: bot_pistols_only
Restart the map without losing any goals: restart

Cheat: Auto Aim
Automatically aims at your enemies by using the right click abilities of your gun: sv_aim

Cheat: Bind Costumes
This code can also not be entered from the Host Computer. Hit the ~ (by default)Enter:
bind w "+forward;model sas"
bind d "+moveright;model gig-n"
bind a "+moveleft;model l337"
bind s "+back;model arctic"
bind uparrow "+forward;model vip"
bind rightarrow "+moveright;model sciencetist"
bind leftarrow "+moveleft;model gorila"
bind downarrow "+back;model sas"

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Using The AWP In Front Of An Enemy That Has A Cont

Using the awp in front of an enemy that has a continuous shooting rifle is a tricky task. :

1.) Suppose the enemy is quite nearIf u have a deagle or any other pistol(preferably the cts usp), one option maybe to jump and stop in mid-air (that disturbs the enemy's aim and can badly shatter recoil if the enemy has a large recoil gun like an ak47) .Keep movin and shootin with the usp, all the while going TOWARDS THE ENEMY. Once u reach near enough, switch to the sniper and shoot without scope.Using a deagle has an added advantage here...the switching time is reduced.

2.) If the enemy is far(as if the snipist is standing at the a bomb site in dust 2 and the enemy is near the a-long tunnel)The option here can be to wait for the enemy to approach within ur scope, and then.....Bam!

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Spamming (Shooting Through Obstacles) Mini Tutorial


This is in continuation of my effort to cast away some of my boredom and to be of some help to the newer members of this community.So without further adieu,Here's My Spamming mini tutorial.:

1. What is Spamming? Spamming is the art of shooting through obstacles(eg crates, walls) to hit opponents.

2. What all guns can spam?All rifles (i.e b 4) weapons can shoot through obstacles.Also, the Desert Eagle/Nighthawk pistol and the M249 Paramachine gun can spam as well.

3. Do spam shots offer as much damage as normal shots?No spam shots donot damage as much as normal shots, but yes it is possible to score headshots through obstacles.

4. When should I spam?As a CT, if your'e in a comfortable hiding spot and if you can hear your opponents rushing(i.e more than one enemy Terrorist coming your way), it's always a good idea to spam.I'll elaborate this with an example,Suppose your taking bombsite B in de_inferno, and you hear T's rushing from balcony/carpet area, you should probably spam the balcony wall, you will definitely score some hits.Of course all this depends upon how developed your sound sense is and if your oppenents dont walk in the carpet area.

5. Some more tips?Yeah, dont empty your cartridge while spamming, you'll need bullets when they come out haha, this was pretty obvious.If you've got an M4, silence it, that way you can hear thuds of your bullets contacting your opponents, so that you know exactly where to spam.The sniper is an awesome spam weapon, but AWP spamming anywhere outside( cs_untitled) is pretty tough, since you have such a small margin for error.

6.Some maps where spamming is important?De_nuke is a huge wall spamming map, I cant explain it all, if someone wants a more detailed explaination, ask me.That's it my mini tutorial is over.

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Skoar 2006,

India's Biggest Gaming Expo,
If Gaming’s A Religion, Then SKOAR! 2006 Is Its Mecca! Grab a friend or an enemy. Then kill them all!Size does matter. The prosecution rests! All the games your boss didn’t want you to see!

This will be an expo set in festive environs for gamers, game publishers and gaming-related hardware manufacturers.

· It will host foreign publishers and game developers, national and international gaming companies, bringing them together to exhibit their brands.

· Building The Community – SKOAR! 2006 will be a meeting point for all those associated with the Indian gaming industry across all levels. From consumers to distributors to developers to hardware vendors, this is the place where they’ll all meet each other and exchange ideas.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Silly Guide

Hey ppl!! I know there are millions of guide abt this game!! But jus wanted to share mine!! Took 5 hrs for writin this guide!! lol!! Hope u dont mind!!


1)Always aim for the head.

2)Keep ur mouse sensitivity high atleast 7.0

3)Learn to recognise ur opponents

4)Be alert. Think that ur really havin a gun in ur hand and everything is real.

5)Always use Smoke Grenades. They r not harmful at all unlike Flash Bang which blinds eyes and HE Grenade which blows up.

6)Never play in tension. Be cool at the same time alert. Ur not gonna get prize or medal for playin well.

7)Always shoot ur friend at the head at the beginning of the game. This brings luck (OPTIONAL).

8)Always go only for Kevlar(B 4 1 for 650$) instead of Kevlar + Helmet(B 4 2 for 1100$).

9)Always be on the move. Standing at one place will only give opportunity for the SNIPERS. Jump a lot.

10)Always CROUCH down and shoot. Improves accuracy.

11)Always employ GUERRILA WARFARE.

12)If ur are a CT never forget the 200$ Defusal KIT.

13)Always choose the gun which ur compatible with. It may be even a useless gun like Schimd scout.

14)Always know ur map.

15)Never reload until u have only 5 or 7 BULLETS left. Frequent reloading will land u in trouble.

16)That doesnt mean u do not reload at all. Keep watching ur BULLETS.

17)Always buy the B 1 2 PISTOL if u r a TERRORIST. If ur a CT buy the B 1 5 PISTOL.

18)If ur playing a map which has a lot of long distance areas always use a sniper.

19)Always stick with the team. It increases ur SURVIVAL chances.

20)Always cover the foll ppl : VIP, Bomber, Hostages, SNIPERS, or A person who is not as skilled as u.

21)If all the persons in ur team are using snipers, go for a diff gun. Likewise go for a SNIPER if all others use rifles.

22)If u start playin quite well, buy all grenades : 2 FLASH BANGS, 1 HE and 1 SMOKE. Use ur grenades wisely.

23)Always use flash to get out of "There is too many" situations or at the start to blind all in a grp and shoot 1 of em.

24)Always use HE only whr there is a BUNCH of enemy's. Throwin at a frnd will only land u in trouble.

25)Never Cheat. I mean u cannot cheat.

26)When ur a CT always go and sit at one of the bomb sites. So whn the bomb is planted u know whr the bomb is.

30)Always use RADIO Commands like Z 5 = Follow me or Z 6 = Takin fire need assis or C 3 - Need backup.

31)Steps to plant a bomb : go to a bomb site, whn the bomb sign flashes, select the bomb and keep the left click pressed.

32)Steps to defuse a bomb: Spot the bomb. a small object with red flashes and see the bomb and keep E pressed till it defuses.

33)Never attack a group. If u find a huge grp of enemy immediately retreat and report pressing C 3 or Z 5.

34)Sometimes u must roam alone to get reports of enemy or to distract them. Do the job stealthily and keep reporting.

35)If u r the bomber tell ur frnds to cover u and stay behind and u inturn cover them.

36)Always have a GREAT CO ORDINATION WITH frnds.

37)As a beginner always start in easy mode.

38)When u r able to shoot atleast 3 ppl per round and r able to score above 100, immediately switch to EXPERT mode.

39)Playin in expert mode will improve ur skills like HELL!!


41)Oh! One more thing, The above principle applies to life too.


While i was tired typing i know u will be double tired reading.


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