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About Counter-Strike in India LAN's

Hey guys,

I myself is from India.I play Counter-Strike almost regularly.So just wanna tell in short how indian's play in LAN.We play cs in lan,but there are not many people who play in lan some play with bots or in cafe's.I am not much of a pro but play well enough.My LAN people are crazy about coL.fRoD and his Magging(snipping) techniques i am also a big fan of him and his Snipping.I play on LAN with my LAN people but not always full map only AS(A-Short) and Al(A-Long) mostly when many people comes then we switch to Full map but while playing AS n AL i hate people who kill me coming from MID or somewhere else :@.I have never played a Tournament Yet but yes would like to play a Counter-Strike tournament some day.Might be i'll play in Inter-College Tournament which will be held in some college this year.So guys did u get the schedule for WCG 2006.
Enjoy guys ,
Kindly comment

i wanna play with you.just tell me your ip address.i am a good magger we will have fun

ha, I am going to try out my thought, your post bring me some good ideas, it's truly amazing, thanks.
counter strike aimbot

Counter strike is very interesting game.i play it regularly.there are lots of counter strike clans and we play daily clan matches.


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