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School Days

During college days we used to arrange LANs with our own systems, an empty apartment, tables, chairs, 16-port hub, cables and got unlimited food from our friend's mom. Yeah we had full support of our parents.

With such convenience we played non-stop for four days. We slept mostly from 5am to 11am, freshen up and go back to gaming.

Like this we hosted 3 4-day LANs on Mar 11th, Apr 11th and May 11th during our final yr college.

Games we played were CS (1.5 in 1st & 3rd Lan, CZ in 2nd LAN), UT2003, Q3 Arena. When we are half asleep we played NFS-UG2. Nothing like the blur effect in your eyes adding to the blur effect in the game...

I think max we played 10 hrs of CS on an average. Rest of time mix of other games.

But when I am home during holidays after college I played atleast