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Spamming (Shooting Through Obstacles) Mini Tutorial


This is in continuation of my effort to cast away some of my boredom and to be of some help to the newer members of this community.So without further adieu,Here's My Spamming mini tutorial.:

1. What is Spamming? Spamming is the art of shooting through obstacles(eg crates, walls) to hit opponents.

2. What all guns can spam?All rifles (i.e b 4) weapons can shoot through obstacles.Also, the Desert Eagle/Nighthawk pistol and the M249 Paramachine gun can spam as well.

3. Do spam shots offer as much damage as normal shots?No spam shots donot damage as much as normal shots, but yes it is possible to score headshots through obstacles.

4. When should I spam?As a CT, if your'e in a comfortable hiding spot and if you can hear your opponents rushing(i.e more than one enemy Terrorist coming your way), it's always a good idea to spam.I'll elaborate this with an example,Suppose your taking bombsite B in de_inferno, and you hear T's rushing from balcony/carpet area, you should probably spam the balcony wall, you will definitely score some hits.Of course all this depends upon how developed your sound sense is and if your oppenents dont walk in the carpet area.

5. Some more tips?Yeah, dont empty your cartridge while spamming, you'll need bullets when they come out haha, this was pretty obvious.If you've got an M4, silence it, that way you can hear thuds of your bullets contacting your opponents, so that you know exactly where to spam.The sniper is an awesome spam weapon, but AWP spamming anywhere outside( cs_untitled) is pretty tough, since you have such a small margin for error.

6.Some maps where spamming is important?De_nuke is a huge wall spamming map, I cant explain it all, if someone wants a more detailed explaination, ask me.That's it my mini tutorial is over.

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