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Info. Regarding Rifles!!!!


This for everyone who might have any favourite rifle questions.

Once you play enough, you come to learn that there are only 2 assault rifles in CS.
The M4a1 and the CV-47, there is NO favourite rifle. If you dont have enough money to buy the above mentioned weapon you either go ECO i.e your whole team doesnt buy to save up for the next round...Or you buy the clarion/galil.

The last line about buying the clarion/galil is not entirely true because sometimes some players will prefer them to the M4/CV, but those occurences are infrequent.

Next up is the AWP(magnum, sniper etc), which is usually bought by the sniper(s) in the team. Everyone wont run around with an AWP in hand even if everyone had $16,000. Unless you have some whacked up strategy.

Ok boys to round it up now,
When playing serious CS, the only assault weapon of choice is the M4/CV.Clarion/galil is also used, especially when you have enough cash for clarion + head armour but not enough for m4 + head armour.

As you keep playing CS, you'll come to know that head armour is more important than a powerful gun. That's one more lesson, You never buy M4/CV without armour, that's stupid.
The remaining rifles are seldom used if at all.

I hope things are clearer now, for the newer players in this community.
All seasoned CS players, i know you already knew this.


Hope This is Usefull.....