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Walle's Tutorial

Heard of Walle's sniping tutorial vids?? Hey will give u a good idea of how to fastzoom, or nozoom, and what he calls a "Spawn jump"

Its good to improve your shots, but if you wanna know how to snipe and not get shot, you need to learn stealth. YOu need to know where the enemy will peek out from, and how you can see him before he sees you. A sniper shouldnt be all alone, someone should be around to give himbackup if needed urgently, a sniper is weak in close combat, unless he is a pistol god.

Do you know 2nd shot nozoom is very accurate?? What i mean is, if you miss the first shot by a small distance, and you know how far your aim was from the actual enemy, you can move your aim at him while the gun retaliates while keeping the attack1 buton pressed, and when the gun fires 2nd time, it dosnt zoom, but tehe accuracy is as good as when you are zooming.

Learn to hide behind walls from where you can peek easily and also escape incase of a sudden ruhs towards you. Its a must for a sniper to be good as pistols as well, as that is his last resort if someone sudenly comes up close and there is no time to run.

More to come.......
Coll right now!
Adios! Hope this helped a bit, if anyone has aything, plz add!

Well 2 be a good sniperist,u need 2 hv a good idea abt enemies' straffing.U hv 2 be in complete stealth at the time of takoing ur shot.Ny good opponent can easily kill u if u miss ur 1st shot.So be very much cautious.N in close range,sometimes u need 2 take ur shot without zooming.Well it totally depends on practicing more n more.It depends on the assumption tht ur gun ponits towards the enemy.Dont practice too much with scout.It ll affect ur Magnum Sniper skill.

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It's good to know how to attack but the best is shoot to kill

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