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Awp versus Scout

Well here is the question...which do u guyz think is better???? the magnum or the scout????well on hearin this question i know that the immmediate answer will be "mag roxx" but sumhow i feel that scout is better...before me makin myself clear about this lets discuss abt the pros and cons of both the guns


Advantage of the MAGNUM:

(1) one shot one kill....the mag will kill an object with just a single shot irrespective of whether it is a headshot or not and irrespetive of whether it is a dinosaur or a human who is the victim.

Advantages of the Scout:

(1)The cost...the magnum is bloody hell expensive n unless and other wise u hv the magnum wid u fer atleast 3 rounds at a stretch with out dying and getting atleast 2 frags a round will u be able to earn bac ur money.

(2)The weight...the scout isnt as heavy as the mag...which means that the person wid a mag will alwayz be able to run faster than one wid a mag...i know that it is possible to run wid a knife but supposed u r suddenly put under combat action then u will hv to suffer a lot.

(3)The sound...The mag is bloody hell loud like a buffalo thumping down in the middle of wall st. NY...so this means that when u r camping in a big map n u miss a shot with a mag u will easily b noticed which will not happen in the place of the mag.

(4)A deadly tool to loose...be carefull when u choose to buy a mag n supposing u get killer and the opponent picks it up then it will be a very great danger fer u in the next round....n in the case of the scout...not much of them will like to use it n thus will be ignored.

Thus all i wud like to say is that i personally feel that the scout is anytime better than the mag but wudnt resist droppin my scout fer a mag lying on the ground...lol...so long gamers...i know this wud hv a lot of critics n i wud like to hear them out...


yes i afree with u
to some extend
dust and aztec i will play with a scout,it is temting that i drop scout
if i came across a Awp.
i want to know is the draq concept be possible with a scout

Doesn't matter if the scout has all those advantage. A good awper most likely kills first hshot, and they know how to manuever to avoid close combat.


scout is as good as awp... a bullet in the head = death no matter which one u choose :D

scout pwns by its weight and reload time ... plus 70% damage in the chest isnt that bad if u know how to finish the work with deagle! :P

awp pwns by its firepower! but it happened that i shot my enemy with it and he didnt die.. lol but its a very rare case!

everything depends on the skills of the user...

btw : best sidearm for snipers = dgl :P


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