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Why India Still Sucks Counter-Strike Internationally

First of all the Indian Government should encourage this huge Industry.Then there should also be gaming centres in reach of the people.There should be regular tournaments at gaming centres with low entrance fee and high Prize money.Also there should be separate gaming centres for separate games.For example i started multiplayer gaming in April 2005.That time most of the people there played CS or GTA San Andreas.But if I go there today then all 10/14 PCs play Warcraft and the remaining play CS 1-1 or GTA.So automatically if people keep switching from 1 game to another then there is no scope for people to actually be competent and represent India at the International Level and win.And there should be annual gaming competitions in schools and gaming fests in colleges.If this is followed the the 2015 World Champions will be from India.
P.S.Parents should be encouraging. And also there should be sponsors like AMD x64 or as such

good blog bro.... though some of the suggestions uve made r really outrageous....( govt. support gaming???roflol).. i agree that thers not enuff iniatiative... we lac the professionalism to compete at that level...

CS is really very violent game! So I think that indian government made a good choice!

Very good,thanks for this information
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